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The 1991 Season
The First Title

After a disappointing season in 1990, in which the Pens lost a playoff spot in the last day of the regular season, the 1991 season was the second turnaround of the franchise (with the first being obviously the Mario Lemieux draft), where the Pens reached the pinnacle of their history.

First, GM Craig Patrick brougth in Bob "Badger" Johnson, and he lead the team to its first ever Patrick division title. The team finished with the 7th best record of the league, which had 21 teams by that time, and its best recors ever, with a mark of 41-33-6.

Then, came the playoffs, and in the first round the Penguins suffered to overcome the NJ Devils in a 4-3 Divisional Semifinal series. In the Division Finals, against the Wasington Capitals, the Pens had it a little easier, beating the Caps 4-1.

In the Pens first Wales Conference series, they met the defending conference champs Boston Bruins. And in 6 games, the Pens grabbed the Wales Conference trophy for the very first time, then qualifying for the Stanley Cup Finals.

The 1991 Stanley Cup finals featured 2 newcomers, as the Penguins faced the Minnesota North Stars. After splitting the first 4 games, the Penguins won the 5th and 6th games, being the last a memorable 8-0 win, and reached the top of the hockey world by becoming Stanley Cup champions for the first time in 24 years.


Some of the best moments in the Cup run :

Penguins Playoff Run

Regular Season - 80 games, 41 wins, 33 losses, 6 ties.
Play Offs - 24 games, 16 wins, 8 losses.
Play Offs Results :
Division Semi-Finals - Penguins 4 - 3 New Jersey Devils
Division Finals - Penguins 4 - 1 Washington Capitals
Conference Finals - Penguins 4 - 2 Boston Bruins
Stanley Cup Finals - Penguins 4 - 2 Minnesota North Stars


Finals Scores

Wed, May 15, 1991 : Stars 5 at Penguins 4
Fri, May 17, 1991 : Stars 1 at Penguins 4
Sun, May 19, 1991 : Penguins 1 at Stars 3
Tue, May 21, 1991 : Penguins 5 at Stars 3
Thu, May 23, 1991 : Stars 4 at Penguins 6
Sat, May 25, 1991 : Penguins 8 at Stars 0